How long is a New York – Paris flight?

If you are planning on flying from New York, USA to Paris, France, or you just want to know more about the New York to Paris flight time, then this page will provide you with all the information you need.

How long is the New York to Paris flight time?

If you are leaving New York, you will need to fly 3,628 miles to reach Paris Orly airport. The average speed of your plane is 500 miles per hour, so you can expect it to take roughly 7 hours and 25 minutes for a New York to Paris flight. The actual time and distance will depend on the weather conditions. It also depends on your cruising speed. French Bee New York to Paris flights are scheduled three to four times a week, departing at 11:55 p.m. and arriving in Paris Orly Airport at 12:05 p.m. the next day. As of July 2021, French Bee launched its first East Coast route between Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Paris Orly Airport (ORY), making it the cheapest and only way to get between New York and Paris.

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New York to Paris flights step by step

First, book your New York-to Paris flight via the French bee website. Next comes the much-awaited moment of departure! New York's departures and arrivals take place at Newark airport. The airport is 14 miles from Manhattan. You can get there by bus, shuttle, yellow cab or subway. Once you land at Paris Orly airport, you can take the bus, subway (metro) or a cab to reach downtown Paris. Paris Orly airport is located at about 9 miles from downtown Paris. Newark Airport traffic can be very congested during rush hour, especially on weekends. Consider hiring a round trip car service to ease the stress of your travel experience and make arriving at the airport much easier and quicker. You can save time at the Newark airport security checkpoints by making sure you are familiar with the airport's security procedures before you fly.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Layer your luggage to increase visibility;
  • Keep your passport and ID handy; Take off outer clothing (jackets and hats) and remove shoes;
  • Take out all loose metal objects, such as keys and coins, and put them in your bag;
  • Per person, only one carry-on and one personal item are allowed;
  • Store as many items as you can in your checked luggage; you should only take the items that are necessary immediately;
  • Be sure to bring your prescription cards and medication packaging;
  • It is important to arrive early so that you have enough time to go through security checks, especially during peak travel seasons.

New York to Paris flight time killers

Let's face it. Holidays are great, but long flights aren't. New York to Paris flights mean hopping on a plane for hours. It is unavoidable. Air travel is like painting your nails. The moment you realize that you can't use your hands for 30 minutes, the desire to wash the dishes becomes unbearable (and this is the only time you ever want to clean the dishes). While New York to Paris flights might make you want to run a marathon, you might want to try:

  • Watch movies (On French Bee, the onboard entertainment is free for all passengers);
  • Sleep:
  • Eat;
  • Listen to audio books;
  • Read newspapers or magazines;
  • Daydream and/or stare out the window;
  • Make conversation with your fellow passengers;
  • Catch up on work;
  • Play video games on your portable device;
  • Read tourist guides and make plans for your stay in Paris;
  • Try to learn some phrases in French.
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Frequently Asked Questions

✈ What's the price for a flight to Paris ?

French bee offers extremely advantageous fares, with the aim of making distant destinations more accessible. Keep total control of your budget without compromising on comfort... That’s the French bee way! ? Find out more

✈ What type of airplane aircraft does French bee fly ?

French bee operates an all A350 fleet. Designed especially for long-haul flights, French bee’s A350 is full of new technologies that are designed to ensure passenger comfort. ? Welcome aboard of the first French low-cost & long-haul airline !

✈ What are our different types of fares ?

The custom-made French bee is 3 fares to choose from: BASIC, SMART or PREMIUM. Our travellers can fully customize their trip according to their desires and budget, by selecting options from a wide range of services and products. ? Make your choice !

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100% secure online payment, group payment, multi-card payment, time to think etc., we offer several payment options adapted to your needs and arrangements. ? Find out more !