Flights from Seattle to Paris

Thinking about going to France for your next vacation? Are you looking for a cheap flight from Seattle to Paris? Then, look no further. French bee is a new low-cost airline that offers passengers the best fares and an unbeatable onboard experience. Read on to learn more about French bee’s flights from Seattle to Paris.

French bee flights from Seattle to Paris

Meet the new, smart, low-cost way to fly with the airline French bee. French bee lets passengers fully tailor their flight from Seattle to Paris according to their desires and budget with the choice of three different fares (Basic, Smart or Premium) and a selection of over 20 different optional onboard services. For example, if you’re on a budget, you can choose the Basic fare with just a carry-on bag and bring your own meal onboard and travel at an incredibly low price. Or you can choose the Premium fare with maxi leg room and a cosy cabin and fly to your destination on cloud nine. And no matter which fare or options you choose, it’s good to know that French bee operates a recent and modern A350 fleet packed with cutting-edge technology for your safety and comfort.

Seattle to Paris

Paris, the city of lights

Paris has a way of enchanting visitors, whether its café terraces reflecting the sunshine or the eerie mists of Notre-Dame Cathedral fusing with the Seine. It begins with a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, then continues with strolls along the wide avenues and formal gardens. There is no mistaking Paris' beauty. Paris' neighborhoods are each uniquely charming. You'll find medieval pedestrian streets and narrow alleyways in the Latin Quarter. The iconic Champs-Élysées vibrates with energy. Located outside Paris's center, Montmartre rings with old-world charm and boasts a colorful history. The small surprises are what make the trip memorable, such as little bistros, quaint boutiques, secluded squares with flowing fountains, and pretty tea salons with dainty desserts. Paris captivates visitors at every hidden corner and at every famous site. Paris can inspire a lifetime passion. Find cheap flights from Seattle to Paris Orly with French bee and start planning your vacation today!


Flight time 9 h 55 min
Departure airport Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport (SEA)
Arrival airport Paris-Orly Airport (ORY)
Distance 4 994 miles

What to do in Paris

A visit to Paris is a lifetime experience that everyone should have. With so many monuments, so much romance, and so much great food, it is hard to decide what to do in such a city. Here are just a few ideas before you board your flight from Seattle to Paris.

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

It is incredible to climb the largest landmark in France, but the views from the top are even more amazing. Due to its popularity, you can expect long lines.

Check out all the stores on the Champs-Elysees

It's fun to take a stroll along Champs-Élysées, one of the most famous avenues in Paris and all over the world. There, you will find hundreds of famous brand name stores.

Take a boat ride on the Seine

Taking a boat ride on the Seine is one of the best ways to see Parisian landmarks in a whole new way. You can even take a dinner cruise at night!

seattle to paris

Planning your trip to Paris

When weather is mild and crowds are smaller in the fall and spring, book a flight from Seattle to Paris with French bee from April to June and October to early November. Early December, January, and February are the cheapest months for flights from Seattle to Paris. June is the ideal time to visit Paris. The best hotels in Paris can be found in the center, but no district owns a monopoly on quality lodging. The city center is known for its safe and walkable neighborhoods filled with restaurants, shopping, attractions, and historical landmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the departure and arrival airports for the Seattle Paris flight?

Seattle Paris flight takes off from Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport (SEA) and arrives at Paris-Orly International Airport (ORY).

How long is the flight from Seattle to Paris?

On average, the flight time from Seattle to Paris with French bee is approximately 9-10 hours.

What is the time difference between Seattle to Paris?

The time difference between Seattle and Paris varies depending on the time of year due to daylight saving time.

During the period when both cities observe daylight saving time (DST), Seattle is 9 hours behind Paris. For example, when it is 12:00 pm (noon) in Seattle, it is 9:00 pm in Paris.

When the United States is on standard time (not observing DST) and Paris is still observing DST, the time difference between Seattle and Paris is 8 hours.

When both cities are on standard time (not observing DST), Seattle is 9 hours behind Paris.

It's worth noting that the dates when daylight saving time begins and ends can change from year to year. Therefore, it's always a good idea to double-check the current time difference between the two cities.