Economy Class

Accessible with fares
Basic Plus

Keep total control of your budget without compromising on comfort... That’s the French bee way!

The ergonomic economy class seats have been carefully designed for you to be able to travel in comfort. And yes, they are leather, because you deserve quality even at the lowest price ! 

Classe Economique French bee

A350-1000 "ECO BLUE"

  • The Economy Class of our Airbus A350-1000 comprises 440 seats.
  • Accessible with Basic, Basic Plus and Smart fares.
  • This aircraft operates flights between Paris Orly and Reunion island.
Eco Blue A350-1000

Comfort comes first

The characteristics of the "Eco Blue":

  • 10 seats abreast – 3 – 4 – 3
  • 32 inches of space between seats
  • 16-inch wide seat
  • Seat cushion with lumbar and under the knees support
  • Adjustable headrest with 4 positions
  • 10-inch HD touchscreen
  • Power outlet and USB port
  • Audio jack compatible with your personal headphones or earbuds
  • Free and extensive entertainment options (20 movies, TV shows, video games, music)
  • On-board Wi-Fi option available
  • The Bluetique: duty-free articles available for purchase
  • The Blue Café: a full-range of à la carte snack and beverage options

Shopping in the open sky

Where better than a leather seat with a view of the sky to do some shopping? Thanks to our Bluetique, you’ll find the biggest labels and the best deals... at French bee prices, of course!


A350-900 "ECO BLUE"

  • The Economy Class of our Airbus A350-900 comprises 376 seats.
  • Accessible with Basic, Basic Plus and Smart fares.
  • This aircraft operates flights on all French bee's destinations
Eco Blue A350-900

Let's eat !

Smart Fare, a carefully prepared meal awaits you on board. But in Eco Class, whether you are traveling in Basic or Smart, if you would like to taste the cuisine of our double Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Michel Lorain and his menus custom-made just for us, our Meal service makes it possible. He has created menus "just for" French bee that will make your taste buds soar !


Are you a movie fan ?

Being bored is prohibited!
Internet, movies, TV shows, music, video games: with us, your trip will fly by.

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