Plus size passengers

To ensure the best on-board comfort, we take every step to make your flight as pleasant as possible. Do you need two seats to travel ? No problem, French bee is here for you !

Reminder of our seat dimensions

Economy Class : 41.5cm seat width

Premium Class : 45 cm seat width

How to book a second seat and at which price?

  • A + size passenger who needs to travel with an extra seat will receive a 30% discount upon booking their second seat.
  • To reserve your second seat :
    Call our call center at 1-833-376-7158 (toll free number) from the USA. Opening time : 7am - 10pm (CST time), from monday to saturday.
  • You must reserve at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • Please note: This option is only available for the Economy cabin, excluding the first rows.
    The booking of a second seat does not include additional checked luggage.