Our Safety Commitments

French bee takes care of you not only by offering you many services but also very simply by assuring your safety !

Safety: by any means necessary!

Safety: our priority! It is very much at the heart of our company culture with a permanent investment in all the French bee teams to be efficient in the face of the new threats airline companies must face.

French bee ensures your safety on board through all means available:

  • The technical maintenance of our aircraft is carried out by experienced teams renowned for their excellence.
  • Our systems are equipped with armored doors and video surveillance cameras filming the cabin from various strategic points
  • We conduct internal and external audits and with the DGAC (General Civil Aviation Management) with the aim of continuously improving the quality of out Flight Safety procedures
  • Our pilots as well as our stewards and stewardesses have been selected and trained to the highest standard, including the management of medical emergencies on board
  • Our network is audited in a way to always maintain the highest level of airport security

Reassured ? So enjoy your journey with French bee, we’ll take care of you!

Your turn to play!

Safety is also our passengers’ responsibility! You too have a major role to play in maintaining security inside the aircraft cabin with French bee. Always maintain a respectful and responsible attitude, follow the security briefings, listen to our instructions on board and act on requests by French bee staff.

Of course, smoking on board is strictly prohibited and we apply “zero tolerance” to this particular subject. The same goes for inappropriate behavior which could put security in the aircraft under threat.

Finally, please remember that the safest place to be is in your seat with your seat belt attached.. With all the entertainment we offer, it shouldn’t be too difficult!