Transit at San Francisco International Airport

golden gate bridge

Committed to supporting passengers throughout their journey and provide the best travel experience possible, we have simplified transit process for passengers at San Francisco.

Who is concerned?

All passengers traveling from Paris Orly to Tahiti (flight BF 710) and passengers traveling from Tahiti to Paris Orly (flight BF 711).

What does it mean?

Since September 2019, passengers traveling between Paris and Tahiti will no longer need to claim any checked baggage during their stopover at San Francisco International Airport and can now check baggage in until their final destination.

French bee ground staff will be present throughout the transit journey and guide passengers until the boarding gate.

Important: please note that you will not have access to your checked baggage during the stopover in San Francisco.


How does it work?

Your transit journey in 4 steps route:

transit details

Transit through San Francisco