Tarmac Delay Plan

The French bee Tarmac Delay Plan

The French bee Tarmac Delay Plan is compliant with the requirements and regulations of the lengthy tarmac delay rules issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). It is only applicable to tarmac delays that occur at U.S. airports.

A tarmac delay occurs when an airplane on the ground is either awaiting takeoff or has just landed and passengers do not have the opportunity to get off the plane. French bee assures that the airline has sufficient resources in order to effectively deal with lengthy tarmac delay situations and implement its Tarmac Delay Plan.

Tarmac Delay means the period of time when an aircraft is on the ground with passengers and the passengers have no opportunity to deplane.

Our plan has been coordinated with Airport Authorities (including terminal facility operators where applicable), Customs and Border Protection and the Transport Security Administration at New York – EWR and San Francisco – SFO and at our regular diversion airports used for New York – EWR and San Francisco - SFO.

Tarmac delay time limits

French bee will not permit an aircraft to remain on the ground at a US airport for more than four hours, before allowing passengers to deplane, unless:

  • For departing flights, when the flight begins to return to a suitable disembarkation point no later than four hours after the main aircraft door is closed in order to deplane passengers.A French bee aircraft begins to return to a suitable disembarkation point when a request is made to the Federal Aviation Administration control tower, airport authority, or other relevant authority directing the aircraft’s operations. 
  • The pilot-in-command determines that deplaning passengers at a suitable disembarkation point would jeopardize passenger safety or security, or there is a safety related or security related reason why the aircraft cannot leave its position on the tarmac to deplane passengers, or
  • Air traffic control advises the pilot-in-command that returning to a suitable disembarkation point to deplane passengers would significantly disrupt airport operations.

Passenger Care Measures

French bee will provide adequate food and potable water no later than two hours after the start of the tarmac delay, unless the pilot-in-command determines that safety or security considerations preclude such service.

French bee will provide operable lavatory facilities and adequate medical attention, if needed, during a tarmac delay.


Passenger communication

French bee crew will notify the passengers on board the aircraft during a tarmac delay regarding the status of the delay when the tarmac delay exceeds 30 minutes.

French bee will continue to notify passengers regarding changes in the status of the delay as changes occur. 

French bee crew will notify passengers on board the aircraft when passengers have the opportunity to deplane. This will be done each time the opportunity to deplane arises at a suitable disembarkation point.