Check-in at the Arche

From Paris, the check-in area for French bee's flights is located at Orly 4. For some of our flights, you will be asked to check in at the Arche.

In order to keep circulation going smoothly at the airport, passengers on certain French bee flights leaving from Paris Orly are welcomed at the Arche.

Where is the Arche?

The Arche is an easily-recognizable lightweight structure located on Rue de Madrid, close to Terminal South and Parking P6, right after Entrance K.

A red line drawn on the ground indicates the route to follow to reach the Arche. Once you’ve checked in and dropped off your luggage, a blue line will show you your way to Terminal South.

The Arche has 12 check-in counters as well as an over-sized luggage drop-off. Indeed, due to heavy summer traffic, the Paris Orly airport has put this structure in place so that you can check in and drop off your luggage with ease.

Save time!

Register online 48 hours before your flight departure time and plan to leave early enough from home to get to the airport on time and avoid the risk of missing your flight.

Thanks to French bee, no need to wait in line, just add a Line Cut to your ticket, Priority Boarding, or access our Lounge before boarding.

If you’re traveling alone, as a couple or without children, and you have a biometric passport, it is possible for you, at border control, to choose the "Parafe/Automated Border Control" line to save time.

  1. Walk up one-by-one

  2. Follow the instructions on the screen

  3. Enter the vestibule

  4. Place your finger onto the fingerprint recognition device and pass through border control.

How to get to the Arche

Arriving by car:

  1. Follow the signs towards “Terminal Sud.” You can park in Parking P6 (first 10 minutes are free).
  2. Go to South Terminal by foot.
  3. The Arche will be on your left, 60 meters away. Follow the red linedrawn on the ground.
  4. Go into the Arche, check in and drop off your luggage.
  5. Follow the blue line on the ground and head towards South Terminal!

Arriving via public transport or by taxi:

  1. Go to South Terminal.
  2. Follow the red line on the ground towards the Arche (60 meters to your left).
  3. Go into the Arche, check in and drop off your luggage.
  4. Follow the blue line on the ground and head towards South Terminal!

Next, go to Entrance C and head towards your boarding area (1st floor, Hall A).

For more information about the Arche, please visit the Paris Orly airport website.

French bee wishes you a pleasant trip!