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French bee card

The French bee good deals card what is it ?

What if you had exclusivity on the French Bee good deals ?

It is now possible with the French bee good deals card :

  • Your good deals in your pocket : The good plan pass is a card directly on your mobile !
  • A new service, a promotion in progress ? Be the first to know.
  • One notification and you are in the air with the best of French Bee offers. 

Don't hésitate get your card now

One card = exclusive access to the contest

  • Special launch offer:
    A contest to win 2 round trips on French bee for 1 person

How does it work ? It couldn't be simpler !
1/ Register via the link below
2/ Complete your information and activate the card
3/ Wait for the random draw on february 20... and I fly with Frenchbee 

▶︎ Contest rules

French bee contest

▶️ How do I get my Good deals Card ?

To make sure you don't miss any good deals from French bee, it is very simple :

  • All you need is the Wallet app (iOS) or the Google Pay app (Android) and a subscription to our newsletter.
  • Click on the link below to get your personal card, add it to your Wallet and receive notifications with special offers !
  • So... What are you waiting for ?