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Reunion island

Mean temperature 25°C

Best period May to November

Good to know

About your flight

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About the sea

Do you think you might swim in the turquoise waters of Reunion island during your stay? The island of Reunion island will have everything to satisfy your desires!

  • Go offshore and follow whales and dolphins.
  • Go catch the big fish in the open seas.
  • Go snorkeling in turquoise waters.
  • Try the unbeatable experience that is deep-sea diving
  • Go take on the waves of the Indian Ocean.
  • Go windsurfing with some friends.

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About the volcanoes

Find your ticket, get your hiking shoes on and go admire nature’s jewels!

  • Get to know the sumptuous lunar landscapes made from successive lava flows.
  • Make your mark on the famous Piton de la Fournaise (Furnace’s Peak).
  • Get acquainted with the lava road.
  • Relax on the black sand beaches.
  • Organize cycling, walking, or horseback-trails!

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About the mountains

Between lunar landscapes, tropical flora and fauna, volcanoes and mountains, the island of Reunion island will no longer be a secret. Get away to get to know this idyllic island!

  • Go hiking on the island so you can discover peaks and escarpments through a tropical rain forest.
  • Climb the Piton des Neiges (Snowy Peak).
  • Discover the three rings.
  • Make your mark on Maïdo Peak, a truly panoramic view.
  • Opt for varied hiking paths. Get to the Langevin River to refresh yourself.

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About relaxation

Do you need to find yourself and refresh as well? Relaxation awaits you on the island of Reunion island!

Charming accommodations, spas, and thermals waters all provide a deep sense of well-being. As for nature, you can stretch out at the foot of a waterfall, with varied tropical plants all around, in total relaxation. As for sand, the beach at Boucan-Canot (the most visited) is ideal for relaxing in the sun with an amazing view over the lagoon of Reunion island. For more excitement, go to the top of one of the many mountains on the island and enjoy the panorama of the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

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About Gourmet Food

A paradise backdrop, but that’s not all! Taste the many flavors of Reunion island and its famous Creole cuisine!

  • Try a flavored punch or a fixed rum
  • Try samosas stuffed with different flavors
  • Discover the traditional dishes of Reunion island, curry or Rougail (Creole spice) sausage
  • Surprise your taste buds by trying the spicy candy
  • Take your pick from the huge variety of fruit!

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About Culture

Get away to discover the rich cosmopolitan culture of the island of Reunion island. A truly blended, lively culture that won’t fail to surprise you.

  • Try learning a few Creole words: Bonzour! Koman i lé?
  • Let yourself be transported by the music of Reunion island.
  • Get away to discover Creole culture.
  • Make a stop at the cavern where the first French people arrived here.
  • Learn a few traditional dance steps of the Maloya and the Sega.

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About your suitcase

With a tropical climate over the island of Réunion, inverted seasons, austral summers and winters, and micro-climates, here are a few tips on what to include in your suitcase before your trip to Reunion island !

  • If you go during the period of the austral summer (November to April), the season will be warm and humid (average 30°C), take light clothing for the daytime and something to cover up with (arms/legs) for evening.
  • If you go during the austral winter, over the period from May to October, the climate will be cool, but the water will always be around 25°C. Take light clothing for the daytime but slightly warmer clothes for the evening.


Get organized before you travel

  • If you wish to visit the islands around Reunion island, you will need to have a full current passport!
  • Language(s): French - Creole
  • Population: 843,617
  • Requirements: national identity card or full valid passport
  • Contacting Reunion island - To call a landline: +262 2 62 xx xx xx; To contact a mobile: +262 6 92 xx xx xx
  • Transportation networks on the island:
  1. Yellow buses
  2. Citalis
  3. Kar’Ouest
  4. Alternéo
  5. Sem Estival

Now you have all the information on hand, go and play !

Destination La Réunion

Vol La Réunion

Guide de voyage à La Réunion

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