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With French bee, Paris and Reunion island await you at exceptional prices. Learn how to book your tickets here !

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Our French bee sales outlets

  • By telephone at 0825 205 205 (0.20€/min)

1/ If you’re calling from Metropolitan France, press 1. If you’re calling from Réunion, press 2.
2/ To book a flight, press 2.
3/ A representative will help you book your flight. You receive a confirmation email.

  • At the French bee / Air Caraïbes sales counter in the Paris Orly Sud Airport

Purchase your ticket directly at the counter if you would like to pay in cash, for example.

  • At the French bee sales counter in the Roland Garros Airport in Saint-Denis, Réunion

Purchase your ticket directly at the counter if you would like to pay in cash OR if you would like to use your 2018 regional territorial continuity vouchers.

  • In travel agencies

Visit one of French bee’s partner travel agencies and book a ticket for yourself or your group.

Pay with your regional territorial continuity vouchers (only at travel agencies in Réunion.)

French bee offers the luxury of low-cost travel while tailoring your trip to your needs, your desires, and your budget.

Let Paris dazzle you

Since June 2017, French bee has finally connected Réunion to Metropolitan France with an offer that beats all the competition! Come to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, the Louvre Museum or even Notre-Dame. The most beautiful city in Europe will show you all its treasures. Come spend your southern winter under the Parisian sun!
With a Saint-Denis – Paris flight for only 229€ (tax-included) one-way per person, French bee offers you the luxury of traveling for cheaper.


There is news ! French bee spreads its wings and joins Tahiti.
Polynesian friends, come and enjoy the French capital from 55 162 XPF AS / pers!