Well-being on board

Long-haul flights can be tiring. Discover all our tips to travel comfortably with us.

Stay hydrated

  • Drink water regularly to avoid any risk of dehydration, colic and concentration of your blood.

The use of insecticides on board

  • In some of our flight, just before departure, our cabin crew must use insecticides in the cabin for public health reasons.
    Do not worry ! These insecticides are absolutly harmless for both you and your pet travelling in the cabin :)

Be careful with alcohol

  • If possible, avoid alcohol. Indeed it dehydrates and the effects are tripled when travelling in a pressurized cabin. In addition, the mixture of alcohol and drugs is not recommended.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation.


  • To improve your blood circulation, feel free to move and stretch. The feeling of numbness will disappear and you will feel much better afterwards !
  • You have long legs or you want more space in front of you? The Maxi Leg seat is made for you!

Sleep well

  • Enjoy the duration of the flight to rest. Do not hesitate to use your own sleeping mask or to add the comfort kit to your reservation in order to be in the best possible conditions to find sleep on board :)

Wear something comfortable

  • To be more comfortable on board, we recommend you to prefer soft and loose clothing. If possible, choose glasses instead of contact lenses.
  • Once aboard, do not hesitate to loosen your laces, or take off your shoes.

With all these tips, you are now ready to travel in the best conditions !