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Book your upgrade online or make a bid and try to win a chance to receive an upgrade


French bee is giving you the chance to buy an upgrade of your ticket online in advance (immediate upgrade), or to try to win an upgrade, by submitting a bid for the amount of your choice.

Upgrades: economy class → Premium Blue

If you purchase your upgrade in advance or make a winning bid for an upgrade, you will receive the same services as a passenger in the Premium class* (seat, meal, priority boarding and priority delivery of your luggage.
*The baggage allowance remains the same as the initial reservation.

Discover the benefits of the Premium Blue class !


  • Check if your flight and reservation are eligible…
    If your flight and booking are eligible for the Plusgrade service, you can purchase your upgrade online or bid for a chance to win an upgrade:
    - From the “Manage my booking” page;
    - From the “Check-in online” page;
    - By clicking on the links in the email invitations sent by French bee.

    This service is not available when certain specific requests have been made on your reservation (e.g UM, groups, certain special meals, etc.)

  • Upgrade instantly or make a bid...
    You can submit a bid on our website to try to win an upgrade from the reservation of your flight until up to 7 hours before your flight departure.

    The Instant Upgrade is available from 5 days up to 7 hours before your flight departure.

    When you access the Plusgrade page, you can:
    - Submit a bid: choose how much you're willing to pay to upgrade to Premium Blue.
    On the bid submission page, we will give you an indication as to the strength of your bid. This is only an indicator and in no way indicates that a bid will be accepted.
    Your bid can be changed or canceled at any time up to 7 hours before your flight departure (if your bid has not yet been accepted).
    - Buy an Instant Upgrade at the listed price.
    By clicking on the links in the email invitations sent by French bee.

    To finalize your choice, you must enter your credit card details.
    Your credit card will be charged immediately for the Instant Upgrade or only if your bid is accepted for the bid system.
    - If your reservation is for multiple passengers, your choice will be applied to all passengers in the booking and the amount of your purchase or bid will be multiplied by the number of passengers in your booking.
    - If your booking is for multiple flights, you can select the flights for which you want to purchase an Instant Upgrade or for which you want to make a bid (if the flights are eligible).

    You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase or taking into account your bid for each flight concerned.

  • Wait for the results...
    - If you have opted for the bid system, an email will be sent to you to let you know whether your bid has been accepted or not.
    - If your bid is accepted, your payment method will be charged.
    - If your bid is refused, you have nothing to do.

EasyUpgrade Service Terms and Conditions General

General information

1. These general terms and conditions of use ("T&C’s") apply to any sale of an Instant Upgrade from French bee ("Company") ("Purchase") or any bid made to French bee try to win ("Bid") an upgrade to a higher cabin class than the class originally mentioned on the Passenger's ticket ("Upgrade") with the Plusgrade service.

2. The Company may modify the Plusgrade service and these T&C’s at any time, without notice. It is the Passenger's responsibility to consult these T&C’s regularly and before departure.

3. The Company reserves the right to discontinue the Plusgrade service at any time, without notice and without incurring liability.

4. The Company cannot be held liable if a Purchase or Bid is rejected because it does not comply with the T&C’s.

5. These T&C’s are combined with the General Conditions of Sale and Carriage of the Company (available at https://us.frenchbee.com/en/general-terms-sale-carriage) Terms with a capital letter, not defined in these T&C’ss, will have the meaning attributed to them in the General Conditions of Sale and Carriage. In the event of a conflict between these T&C’s and the General Conditions of Sale and Carriage, these T&C’s prevail for Bids and Upgrades.

6. By making a Purchase or submitting a Bid, the Passenger confirms that he/she has read and understood these T&C’s and agrees to be bound by them.


7. Purchases may be made or Bids may be submitted:
- For flights operated by the Company. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to offer the Plusgrade service on certain flights, for operational, safety or security reasons.
- For eligible Passengers over the age of 12 who purchased a ticket from the Company or an Authorized Agent.Unaccompanied Passengers under the age of twelve (UM), groups or Passengers who made a specific request when booking (e.g. special meals, etc.) will not be eligible.

8. The Passenger who makes the Purchase or submits the Bid is deemed to have the power to act for all Passengers in the reservation (“PNR”). The Purchase made or the Bid submitted will be applied to all the Passengers of the PNR, and will be multiplied by the number of Passengers specified.
If one of the Passengers of the PNR does not meet the criteria defined above allowing him/her to benefit from the Upgrade, no Passenger of the PNR will be able to purchase an Upgrade or submit a Bid for an Upgrade.

9. Purchases and Bids can only be made on the Company's website (via the e-mail sent by the Company, on the online check-in page or on the "Manage my Booking" page).

10. When Purchasing or submitting a Bid, the Passenger must enter his/her payment method (depending on the card accepted by the compagny) which will be debited for all the Passengers on the PNR for the Purchase or if the Bid is accepted.

11. The Purchase or Bid will be made in the currency of the website used by the Passenger, unless another currency is specified on the Plusgrade page.

12. Upgrades purchased or won (Bid accepted by the Company) are non-refundable and are only valid for the flight and date specified for the Purchase or the Bid.

Specific conditions for the Bids

13. French bee : only one bid can be made per PNR (and per flight).

14. A Bid may be canceled or modified up to 7 hours before the flight departure, unless the Bid has been accepted.

15. If a PNR is changed PNR before acceptance of the Bid, the Bid will be canceled and the Passenger will have to submit a new Bid.

16. Acceptance of a Bid by the Company remains subject to the availability of seats in the class concerned and to bids from other passengers. The decision is left to the sole discretion of the Company and assessed according to various criteria, in particular the number of places available in the relevant class, the amount of the Bid, the date and time of submission of the Bid, the number of Passengers listed on the PNR…

17. At least six hours before the flight, Passengers will be notified by e-mail whether their Bid has been accepted or not.

18. If the Bid is accepted, the amount of the Bid for all of the Passengers on the PNR will be debited from the bank card entered by the Passenger when submitting their Bid.
If the means of payment has expired or is no longer valid after acceptance of the Bid, the Upgrade will be canceled and the Passenger will benefit from the travel class and services initially purchased.

19. The Company cannot guarantee a specific placement on board a flight after acceptance of a Bid.

Use of the Upgrade

20. The fare conditions of the ticket initially purchased remain valid and will be applicable to the Upgrade, in particular the cancellation conditions, modification fees and baggage allowance.

21. Any special request regarding a menu or baggage allowance listed on a PNR will be transferred to the Upgrade.
Any other additional service paid by the Passenger and relating to the class of travel initially selected by a Passenger (e.g. Top Seat, Seat with a sea-view, Maxi Leg Seat) will not be reimbursed to the Passenger in the event of the Purchase of an Upgrade or if his/her Bid is accepted.

22. Proper attire will be required of Passengers accessing the higher classes.

23. Purchases or accepted Bids cannot be refunded, except in the following cases:
- The flight concerned by the Upgrade has been canceled by the Company and no rerouting is planned or a rerouting is planned without an Upgrade.
- The flight took place, but the Upgrade could not be made due to a cause attributable to the Company (e.g. change of aircraft, operational, safety or security requirements, etc.).
In these two cases, the Passenger's payment card used for the payment of the Upgrade will be re-credited with the amount paid by the Passenger, in the currency used for the purchase.
In all cases, in the event of a cancellation of the Upgrade, the Company cannot be held liable, and this cancellation will not give rise to any compensation.

24. No refund will be granted if the Upgrade is not made due to an act of the Passenger: booking change, cancellation of his/her reservation, no-show for boarding, etc.