Entry requirements and travel documents

Customers who do not present a mandatory document will be denied boarding. 
Travel certificates may be downloaded on the French Ministry of the Interior's website.


Anti Covid-19 measures
We are following official advice on health precautions relating to Covid-19.

Reminder: you are responsible for checking that your documents and their validity periods comply with the applicable laws and regulations.
Prior to your departure, please ensure that you are eligible to travel by checking that you have all the necessary travel documents for your departure country, destination and any stop-over countries. Find out more

Opt for Touchless Check-in

For a touchless check-in experience we highly recommend that you check-in online 48 hours before the flight (24hrs to/from the USA and Tahiti). At the airport, all you have to do is to go to the baggage drop-off area with your boarding pass.

Depending on your departure airport, your temperature may be checked using a non-contact infrared thermometer. Your temperature must be below 38°C/100.4 °F. If your temperature is higher than this, you may be denied boarding.

touchless check-in


Face mask

Wearing a mask for travel is not mandatory on board our aircraft. However, when combined with other personal safety measures, it provides effective protection against the Covid-19 virus.

Make sure to take your masks with you when you disembark. For health reasons, they must not be left in the seat pockets or on the ground. You can also use the bins available in the lavatories.

fly well protected

Fresh air throughout the flight

You will be flying an Airbus A350 XWB (Extra Wide Body), probably the most modern and highest-performing long-haul aircraft. Its air recirculation system consists of HEPA filters meaning High Efficiency Particulate Arresters.They have similar performance to those used in hospital operating rooms : they are able to capture viruses with a size equivalent to Covid-19 and cabin air is thus completely refreshed every 3 minutes.

For your safety, we recommend to avoid the use of personal air supply in order to limit the droplets projection.

air filtering

Travel tips

Hygiene guidance

When travelling as elsewhere, we recommend to follow these guidelines to protect yourself and others.

lavage de mains eternuement mouchoir à usage unique
Wash your hands regularly using soap or hand sanitizer Cough or sneeze into your elbow Use only disposable tissues and discard them afterwards
contact physique masque vide
Avoid physical contact with others Wear a face mask to avoid projections  

Useful links for your arrival

Travel with peace of mind

If you want to know more about security measures at the airport or about restrictions imposed by local authorities due to Covid-19, here is a short list of useful websites:

Travel flexibility

We set up and adapt exceptional measures in order help you to manage your booking and adjust your travel plans.